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Karen Youth Organisation works for the development of Karen youths. We support Karen youths in their struggle to attain freedom, equal rights and self-determination in a democratic federal union of Burma.

They want to study

KYO Ler Per Her students had to flee from their IDP camp in Karen State after the attacks from DKBA and SPDC. They came across the border to Thailand as new refugees and are working to re-build their dormitory, school and the refugee camp infrastructure. The school has not started yet because the building is not finished so the students cannot learn.

KYO Office Attacked Again

KYO continues to try and base itself in Karen State, close to the Karen youth, but SPDC and militia groups under its control keep attacking and forcing us out.

The first office (top photo) was located in Hta Law and was attacked by the KNU-KNLA Peace Council on 7 June 2007.

The second office (bottom photo) was located in Ler Per Her IDP camp and was attacked by DKBA and SPDC in June 2009. Once again KYO were forced to abandon the office and relocate.

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